Our Classes

Here at WISE we expect the very best pre-class preparation from our students to assist in the development of our divers into confident underwater enthusiasts, eager to dive often and explore the underwater world.









What We Offer

WISE seeks to improve the way you see the ocean through our 4 pillars: Customer Service, Education, Exploration, and Travel

Customer Service

To us this is as valuable and important as family. We will always strive to treat you right and always strive to give our very best.


We believe knowledge is power; and the more you have the happier and the more confident you will be.


We know that exploration opens eyes and causes that which was once old and dull, to being exciting and invigorating again.


We love travel, and believe that travel can be life affirming and life changing.

WISE SCUBA Improving the way the world learns to dive

About Us

WISE was born on a plane ride traveling back from the east coast with one goal in mind: changing the way the world learns to dive. It would start with the local community, then the west coast, and finally throughout the world, helping people develop greater confidence about the ocean through ocean education & exploration. And so the four pillars were born: Customer Service, Education, Exploration, and Travel.

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Our Mission

Achieving our goals starts with:


Expecting the best


Quality Training


Inspiring students


Sharing Knowledge





Meet The Team

Kristin Green

Head Instructor, Founder

Kristin became a scuba Instructor in 2013 after she fell in love with scuba diving in 2011. She became impassioned with the sport and, having the heart of a teacher, wanted to share the love of scuba and the ocean with others. She founded WISE in 2013 and slowly progressed WISE and herself to where both are today. Kristin herself is always learning and trying to grow herself in the sport and hopes to pass on that same desire to her students and all those she meets.

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